Capture Log Stain & Sealer

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Part of a 2-part system
Capture Log Stain & Cascade Clear Sealer
You chose your logs for their unique rustic beauty so why hide it?
Use Capture Log Home Stain and see your logs come alive as every knot, grain and detail is enhanced.

Features Benefits:
Formulated with trans-oxide pigments
Wide color palette
Modest sheen
VOC’s less than 250 grams/liter
Forms a flexible shield
Breathable shield
Excellent UV protection
Extreme adhesion to wood
1 gallon
5 gallon
1/4 pint samples
Recommeded Use Areas
Transparent allows the grain of the wood to show
Choose from 7 colors from Light Golds to a Deep Browns
Natural looking, not plastic
Environmentally friendly
Easy water clean-up
Meets the strictest VOC regulations
Won’t crack or peel
Allows wood to breath
Prevents chalking & fading
Long lasting protection
Purchase the quantity you need, 1-2 coats required
Covers 200-300 sq. feet on smooth surfaces
Covers 1000-1500 sq. feet on smooth surfaces
Quantity Estimator
Interior or Exterior Surfaces
Not for use on decks or walking surfaces

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